Caraboo Projects Scratch Lab


We were selected from an open call to spend a week in residency at Caraboo Projects. We used our time to begin research for our film about a martian who lands on East Street.  We want to explore the idea of a Martian being a way of exploring the identity of a place.

We did this through interviews with local people from Bedminster and East Street. We want to understand how and if a shared identity is formed, and why one might be needed? We asked them about the developments happening in the area, how a Martian would see East Street and how they would throw a party for one who landed.

We presented our conversations in the form of audio piece in the setting of Martian welcome party.


Arnolfini Archiving Group

Since October 2017 we have been working with the archiving group at the Arnolfini. Led by Phil Owen, this group has given us the opportunity to delve into the Bristol Archives and learn more about the creative heritage of the city. This project led us to lead a workshop at the Arnolfini in September 2018. We invited participants to explore archival material and to contribute and build their memories into a detailed model of the Narrow Quay. 

Photography by Lisa Whiting

Photography by Lisa Whiting

We The Curious

In July 2018 we worked with We The Curious exploring what the future of Bristol will look like. Members of the public contributed to a model made from found materials, building their imagined city of the future. Hoverboard shops, solar powered office blocks, space ports and upside down gardens were amongst the myriad of fascinating ideas that revealed a generally optimistic idea of tomorrow's Bristol.


In the Summer of 2017 we ran our interactive piece, GoGo... with various festivals and community groups across Bristol. Starting at UpFest we worked with the public to build a model North Street, people were encouraged to build the places they felt a personal connection too. We went on to run this piece at St Werburghs Communtity Centre and were invited to Seymour Road street party to run GoGo... with local residents.